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There are 6 restaurants
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Lolita's Gelato
86/100 (6147 ratings)
Κατάλληλο για χορτοφάγους
Πιάτα χωρίς γλουτένη
Κατάλληλο για χορτοφάγους
Πιάτα χωρίς γλουτένη
Αργά τη νύχτα
Ιταλικό παγωτό
"I am a huge fan of ice cream and I must admit that lolita ' s gelato was by far the best one i have tasted ( personal favorite flavour ---> pistachio..."
Pavlos Jn Kass
"Certainly the best ice team in santorini and Literally one of the best ice creams I have ever had... Talk to the owner Tolis to give you specifics on..."
George Kamakaris
"Perfect beginning to Oia's perfect beauty was to stop Lolita's and have delicious and mouth watering ice creams! The best of the best certainly!..."
Pallavi Sharma
"The best ice cream in Santorini. The people who work there are so nice and it's a great little place to sit down and enjoy your gelato. The peanut..."
Maye De Ruiter-van Bekkum
"The best gelato in Santorini ! Made with passion � A must if you come to Oia..."
Cesar Mayal
"Amazing business with amazing gelato!! The best I have ever tasted. I recently was married in Santorini and my husband and I wanted something a..."
Tori Kontos
"Amazing ice scream !!! The best gelato in santorini !!! #Gelato�..."
Paul Gore
"Lovely Science in creating a most decadent gelato. Very creative, and fresh. Great ambiance and service. I was there in June 2017, Azamara..."
Sherilyn Ward
"Amazing gelato, must try if in Oia. Tried 4 different flavors and they were all..."
Esther Haselbach St-Laurent
"The best gelato in Greece..."
Carlos Munhoz
"Απολαυστικό,κρεμώδες,γευστικό,τέλειο! Η καλύτερη..."
Eleni Thanou
"Not just the best ice cream on the island - the best ice cream I've ever tasted. The flavours are amazing! A well kept & well run establishment - I'm..."
Jerry Walker
"I strongly recommend this gelateria especially their pomegranate..."
Roberto Vasconcelos Rodrigues
"Best Gelato I've ever tasted in my life!! A+ food and..."
Fatu Suisala
"Το καλύτερο παγωτό της σαντορίνης και όχι..."
Giannis Apostolatos
"Visited three years ago and excited to go back in September! The countdown..."
Tamika Burrus
"I've had a lot of ice cream in a lot of different countries and this by one the best! They had a chocolate sorbet that was simply scrumptious. All..."
Bekah Kay
"The best handmade ice cream!!!..."
Ελευθερία Φουρναράκη
"We were in Santorini 6 days and at Lolita's about 10 times, couldn't get enough of those wonderful flavors. My best was the melon; I swear I was..."
Bill Lichtfuss
"The best gelato shop in Oia Santorini. Mojito and Tiramisu------ must..."
Jeffrey Burberry
"Apart from watching the sunset, this is a must for visiting Oia. We love the pistachio and orange..."
Tony Ho
"The best gelato ever :) I love the Cuban Lover,..."
Eriona Parangoni
"Das beste Eis was ich je gegessen habe..."
Parussis Isolde Emmanuel
"The best Gelato/Ice Cream you will ever experience..."
Cynthia Jolee Bee Pryor
"Awesome gelato. The best. I ate gelato 2 to 3x a day in other places in Greece and I still think about..."
Gilda Lynn
"Amazing place, I hope to return one day! Thank you for everything. You are the..."
Tatiana Taniusha
"Best of the best gelato .... Yiam Yiam!!! Sorbe Chocolate for..."
Natasha Emmanouil
"Definitely the Best Gelato I've ever..."
Mercia September